Perstorp North America - Site Toledo

Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Main products: Sodium Formate, Trimethylolpropane, Di-Pentaerythritol, and Pentaerythritol

Perstorp has grown into a world leading specialty chemicals group. Founded in Sweden in 1881, Perstorp’s focused innovation builds on more than 135 years of experience, representing a complete chain of solutions in organic chemistry, process technology and application development. Perstorp has approximately 1,350 employees globally with manufacturing units in Asia, Europe, and North America. Sales in 2020 amounted to 9.2 billion SEK.

Site Toledo, operated by the legal company Perstorp Polyols, Inc., is situated on 45 acres in Northwest Ohio. In North America, Site Toledo was established in 1976 and currently has approximately 130 employees. Site Toledo continues to manufacture Sodium Formate, Trimethylolpropane (TMP), Di-Pentaerythritol, and Pentaerythritol (Penta). Polyols are primarily used for paints, lacquers and synthetic lubricants. As of today, Perstorp is the only TMP and Penta producer in the USA.

Here is a glance at our history:


Perstorp acquires Pentaerythritol (Penta) plant from Pan American Chemicals


Pentaerythritol (Penta) Production begins


Purchase of adjacent land from DuPont for Trimethylolpropane (TMP) plant


Trimethylolpropane (TMP) production begins


Acquisition of DuPont Formaldehyde Plant


Construction of Formaldehyde Plant


Di-Pentaerythritol (Di-Penta) production begins


Acquisition of Ashland business (last Pentaerythritol producer in USA)


Only Trimethylolpropane (TMP) producer in USA

Why Work with Us

Perstorp is a worldwide company that leads in chemical innovation focused on safety, the environment, and the people; thanks to your global presence, we work in cross-functional teams that connect us across the globe and help us to understand different cultures and learn international best practices. We invest in training and development, we believe in growth, creativity, innovation, science; we know our people are our greatest asset and we know that every employee makes a real difference.

If you are as excited about chemistry, technology and creating value through innovations as we are – come with us and be part of the team!

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Career Opportunities

Being a part of Perstorp means a wide range of opportunities and benefits. Our employees are not only our most valuable assets – they’re also the key to our success! No matter the position you have at Perstorp, you are essential for the continued improvement of our company.

At Perstorp you have room to grow, challenge and learn. Thanks to our global presence, you have the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams and connect with people across the world. Although present in many different countries, we are considered a small company and we know that every individual, every action, every product, every little thing we do can make a change.

Perstorp Polyols, Inc. is located in Toledo, Ohio.  Toledo is now at the heart of the New Manufacturing Economy in the United States. Perstorp Polyols, Inc. is actively growing and looking for the best talent; we offer great opportunities, competitive compensation, and a great working environment. 

Our Values: Care, Responsibility, Reliability, and Focused Innovation

We pride ourselves in providing essential properties for products in the pockets, homes, offices, and communities of practically every human being on the planet, and that's why we make sure we have and preach the right values. Simply put we strive to do right, to keep the promise, and always make it better. Read more about our values here.


Jason Sims

Site Manager Toledo

+1 419 727 6798

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Kathleen Raus

Regional Human Resources Manager Site Toledo & Region Americas

+1 419 727 6706

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Toledo Plant

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Perstorp Polyols, Inc.
600 Matzinger Road
Toledo, OH 43612
United States
Phone: 419-729-5448

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Jason Sims

Site Manager Toledo

+1 419 727 6798

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Kathleen Raus

Regional Human Resources Manager Site Toledo & Region Americas

+1 419 727 6706

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